Liberating Talent

Tiago Forjaz

Tiago Forjaz is a renowned entrepreneur in the field of talent. He is described as a creative communicator with the courage and passion to lead people towards the future. He is frequently invited to speak on topics related to Talent, Transformation, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, and Exponential Leadership. He is also the founder and Managing Partner of The Epic Talent Society.
Liberating Talent for the Future

“Liberate your talent and your team, through responsibility and trust.”

In an era where companies manage talent in a fluid manner, where individuals are challenged to learn continuously, the question increasingly facing all of us is: What is my talent, in which domains do I want to explore it, and what skills should I learn to have a diverse, sustainable, and fulfilling career? On the other hand, within companies, leaders need to question how to help people work in the most liberated way, ensuring that they positively impact people’s lives as individuals pass through their organizations and teams.
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