Cities e Mobility

Tiago Farias

Tiago Farias is an enthusiast of communication and knowledge, with a unique profile that combines an academic and executive ca-reer. He is a Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and a speaker at national and international events focused on mobility and cities of the future. His expertise spans knowledge transfer, research, consulting, and management in the fields of sustainable urban mobility and alternative transportation technologies and energies. In addition to having led important transportation companies in Lisbon, he is a passionate cyclist.
Access Cities

"Only an integrated approach can build cities of the future"

The challenges of sustainability and quality of life are inevitably tied to the cities where 70% of the world’s population will reside. In addition to mobility, cities must promote accessibility. This goal will only be achievable if we design cities together in an integrated manner, promoting the concepts of proximity, connectivity, and sustainable mobility, empowered by digital transformation.
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