Ricardo Negrão

Trained in biochemistry, he was a molecular genetics researcher for a decade before falling in love with technology. He has been both a hacker and a victim of hacking. Today, Ricardo Negrão is a consultant in cybersecurity, cyber risk, and information systems. He finds inspiration in Batman and Sandman, but it’s in problem-solving that he most enjoys focusing his efforts.
Cyber Security

“We need to learn to identify the business assets to protect.”

A cyber-attack can shut down your business. There’s no doubt about it! Sixty percent of small businesses targeted by a cyber-attack close within 6 months. That’s why we should all be more concerned about individual responsibility. The keyword in cyber risk is ‘risk’, so it’s critical to learn how to identify the business assets to protect and design ways of safeguarding and redundancy in the event of an attack. Security incidents are inevitable, but their preparation and management involve multilevel security that begins with each one of us.
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