Mónica Lucena

Mónica Lucena is empathetic, resilient, and passionate about dance. In fact, she has specialized in dance therapy. Life’s circumstances have fueled her creativity and imagination, requiring her to balance her primary role: supporting and promoting the self-esteem of her daughter Matilde, who has a rare disease, with a career in management.

“We have to learn to look at differences differently.”

Faced with the sentence that her first daughter would never speak or walk, Mónica decided that no one would decide that for her. She realized that what she wanted for Matilde was self-esteem. Mónica shares how it was challenging but inspiring to realize that Matilde’s self-esteem depended on her own self-esteem. In a heartfelt testimony, she showed how giving to others creates a cycle of love. Mónica explains how she built networks of professionals and friends to provide support and how certain strategies have allowed Matilde to be happy today (and an entrepreneur with Matiti Bags). In a touching appeal, Mónica challenges us to look at differences differently and learn to love the difference.
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