Mónica Costeira

Mónica, a humanitarian pediatrician, activist, and writer from Aveiro, is passionate about making a positive impact and inspiring change. From her childhood as the eldest sister of four, she found her source of joy and inspiration in her interactions with children. With a spirit of volunteerism, Mónica embarked on missions around the world, including in Greece, East Timor, and with Doctors Without Borders in conflict zones.
The Power of Empathy

“Listen with an open heart.”

Mónica’s presence exudes a serene generosity that captivated the audience anew. She shares the poignant tale of John, a young doctor, and her colleague in the southern regions of Sudan. Through her narrative, she demonstrates the profound impact of speaking and listening from the heart—with judgment tempered by love. Her insights reveal how such heartfelt communication can profoundly influence others, altering cultures and contexts across the globe. This was not just a recounting of experiences; it was an invitation to embrace empathy as a transformative force in our interconnected world.
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