Mental Health

Marta Rebelo

Marta Rebelo is an exceptional communicator, a catalyst for transformation who uses words, empathy, and activism to change her inches of the world. A former sufferer of depression and occasional anxiety, her greatest purpose lies in promoting mental health and destigmatizing mental illnesses.

Marta holds a degree in Law, despite humorously referring to herself as somewhat “crooked.” She taught at the Faculty of Law in Lisbon, worked as a legal consultant, and served as a Member of Parliament. She also worked in fashion and lifestyle communication, digital media, and was a football commentator. Today, she is a speaker, columnist, and mental health consultant.
From Self-Stigma to Self-Esteem

“Without mental health, the future won't have companies.”

In the world, there are over 2 billion people with mental illnesses, 3 million in Portugal – how many are beside you, in your organization, in your team? Do you hold prejudice against mental health? Do you know how much it costs in terms of suffering, health, and results? Through her personal journey, Marta Rebelo reveals strategies and solutions for overcoming the stigma associated with mental illness and addressing this mental health pandemic. We must invest in preventive, occupational, and integrative mental health. Without mental health, the future won’t have companies.
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