Marta Baptista

Marta earned a Master’s in Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, with a thesis on Business Model Innovation, but reading “Creative Confidence” by the Kelley brothers is what really sparked her fire! She’s been instrumental in facilitating cultural transformations, rapid prototyping, and providing training for corporate clients spanning sectors ranging from banking to energy, government, and retail. Marta firmly believes that creativity can be engineered, and she loves discussing the power of creating better problems!

“Sometimes finding the right problem is the best solution.”

Marta’s presentation sparks a desire to be guided by her on a journey through innovation. Echoing Voltaire’s wisdom—that great ideas precede even greater ones—it wasn’t just her decade of dedication to post-its that instilled confidence in her capabilities and her work. By focusing on identifying the right problems, organizations can allocate their resources more efficiently, innovate more effectively, and ultimately achieve more meaningful outcomes. Cultivating this skill set is crucial for any team aiming to make a significant impact in their field.
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