José Pedro Cobra

Zé Pedro Cobra, passionate about people, is a man of relationships and an enthusiast of history, philosophy, psychology, social sciences, and spirituality. He is a lawyer working in corporate and corporate law, but he continues to define himself as “a being learning to be.” Communication, humor, empathy, knowledge, and history are his greatest talents.
Consciousness Challenge

“There's no better place to design the future than within each one of us.”

With love and humor, Zé Pedro Cobra shares the practical relevance of the consciousness challenge in our daily lives. He emphasizes that what truly matters is not what happens to us but rather what each of us does with what happens to us. Through a play on words, he reminds us that life is not defined by what we have but by what we are, in other words, by the relationship we have with what we have. We are not “Teres Humanos” (Human Beings), but rather “Seres Humanos” (Being Humans). Letting go of the beliefs we “have” about what life should be or the attachments we create to what we “have” separates us from this incredible fascination of “being.” When we practice detachment and learn to dissolve problems instead of constantly struggling to solve them, we discover the future in the only place we can create it: the present.
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