João Peral

We like to introduce João Peral as a “slasher” because he is many things at once. He is a versatile thinker, a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on creative collaboration and innovation strategy, and he enjoys turning curiosity into action. With a background in design and an inspiring career that has taken him through some of the most creative companies in Portugal and Brazil, João is now a consultant, designer, professor at IADE, illustrator, improviser, and facilitator.

“Improvisation unleashes the potential of creativity and collaboration.”

João’s main message is that everyone can learn to improvise. As long as a person allows themselves to do so and the environment facilitates it, we can all improvise. Organizations increasingly need leaders and teams that can think quickly, independently, outside predefined frameworks, valuing diversity and mastering the protocols necessary for independent thinking not to rely on an “innate quality.” In a world where little goes as planned, improvisation is an essential practice that can be learned by anyone in a healthy environment of creative and enjoyable collaboration.
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