Brave Collaboration

Joana Andrade

Joana Andrade is an emblematic figure in the world of big wave surfing and an example of courage and determination. But that’s not the most important ingredient to becoming one of the world’s most respected female big wave surfers. Her journey is an inspiring testimony of courage, determination, and love, for surfing, and for life. Joana is recognized for inspiring with her adventurous spirit and her determination to overcome challenges, but she also talks about brave collaboration.
Brave Collaboration

“Every day, I put my life in the hands of my team.”

Portugal’s premier big wave surfer, a trailblazer in her field, epitomizes the essence of teamwork in what appears to be a solo endeavor. Every day, she entrusts her life to her team, a testament to her profound reliance on collective expertise and courage in the face of formidable oceanic forces. Her experience illuminates how thorough preparation and cohesive teamwork can effectively mitigate fear, transforming daunting challenges into exhilarating triumphs. This paradigm shift underscores the necessity for each of us to embrace bold collaboration. By entrusting our wellbeing into the hands of our colleagues, rotating roles, and confronting fears head-on, we not only advance individually but elevate our collective capability, moving forward as a unified entity in the pursuit of greatness.
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