Human Connection

Jennifer K. Hill

Jennifer K. Hill is a seasoned entrepreneur and professional speaker. She has established herself as a recognized expert in her field, appearing on major news outlets such as BBC News, ABC, NBC, FOX, and E! News and been quoted in reputable publications like The Ladders and Glassdoor. In 2021, she co-founded OptiMatch – a cutting-edge tech company that utilizes its exclusive algorithm to revolutionize the way employees and employers connect.
Cracking the Code of Human Connection

“We live in a crisis of loneliness, we need to rekindle human connection.”

Jennifer’s voice serves as a poignant reminder of the loneliness crisis facing our society—highlighting our disconnection from ourselves, others, and the world around us. In her presentation, she shares her personal journey, guiding us through a demonstration of how to reconnect with our inner selves. Her compelling and hopeful discourse concludes with an open invitation to explore the role of technology in fostering human connections. She prompts us to think, understand, and experience how technology can bridge gaps between people rather than widen them, leaving us curious and eager to delve deeper into the potential of digital tools to enhance our collective sense of belonging.
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