Hélène Guillaume

Bluffante! may describe her in a word. To us, she’s a living version of AquaWoman. She’s a data scientist, an entrepreneur, an athlete, and an activist! She’s tireless and inspiring, embodying the kind of Human Being for whom “impossible is nothing”. Come meet this Belgian passionate about mathematics, turned entrepreneur, who launched her startup from the combination of all her personal doubts, dreams, and insecurities. Her company addresses the data gap for women, breaking prejudices against women.
Womanship: Redefining Strength

“Breaking News: Women are not men.”

Her presence is a vivid reminder: without women, there is no future. This truth is clear, yet harnessing the power, potential, and performance of women requires deeper and more nuanced understanding. It’s crucial to grasp their dynamics and adapt concepts such as parenthood so that it doesn’t merely equate to motherhood. We must shift our concepts, lexicon, and language. If men are likened to tractors and women to Ferraris, then a deeper, more informed understanding of their unique mechanisms is essential for building a better future for everyone. Let not ignorance nor the lack of scientific data and research on women betray us or steal the opportunity to harness this formidable power, because, at the end of the day, “They are God on earth.”
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