Elói Gonçalves Pardal

Elói Gonçalves Pardal is an epicurean with a 30-year career in the cosmetics and luxury market. He holds a degree in management from the Portuguese Catholic University and has held various prominent positions before taking on the role of General Director at Chanel in Switzerland. In addition to being detail-oriented, he possesses immense sensitivity and has a unique talent for exploring polarities of thought. Recognized as a humanist, he finds purpose in contributing to the well-being of people.
A Frontier Career

“Luxury can be diverse, and it can be Portuguese.”

“Luxury is not the opposite of poverty but rather of vulgarity.” This inspirational quote by Coco Chanel explains the timeless values of luxury. Today, luxury is predominantly Franco-Italian, but there are many
emerging markets where luxury culture prioritizes local craftsmanship, such as the markets of India and Southeast Asia. In Portugal, luxury can be found in various sectors, from wine to tourism, but above all, there is a real opportunity to harness our multicultural history, rooted in trading posts, to contribute to a more diverse luxury world.
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