Duarte Fonseca

As a child, Duarte Fonseca wanted to become a doctor, like his grandfather. However, he ended up falling in love with “healing entire systems” and chose the reintegration of inmates as his cause, founding and leading RESHAPE. Today, he is a consultant-activist in the field of social impact and uses his expertise in corporate social innovation and strategic design to help companies formulate strategies and projects for social impact.
From Misery to Profit

“Companies should address social problems through business.”

It may seem shocking, and it is, but “Misery is a Business.” Through his personal experience, Duarte reveals how some companies are already solving social problems in communities through their business models, innovating in their products and services to meet the needs of their populations and customers. Whenever humanity faces significant challenges, it ultimately resolves them through the economy and business. Impact businesses allow us to participate more actively in addressing social problems through our power of consumption and the creation of new products and services.
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