Prideful Identity

Diogo Vieira da Silva

Passionate about advocating for LGBTI+ rights from an early age, Diogo co-founded three NGOs in this field and served as the European Coordinator for the It Gets Better Project. As the Coordinator of Porto Pride and co-founder of VARIAÇÕES – LGBTI Commerce and Tourism Association of Portugal, he spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, including leading Porto’s successful bid to host the European Pride Organizers Association Conference and securing Lisbon as the host city for EuroPride 2025.
Prideful Identity: The Power of Being Yourself

“Personal identity should be a human right for anyone to use, in life and at work”

Diogo, with his remarkable courage, takes the stage to address an issue celebrated globally yet still punishable by death in seven countries: being gay. His presentation lays bare the harrowing statistics and the devastating impact of individuals unable to fully express their identities in the workplace. This revelation crystallized the understanding that the freedom to be oneself is not merely a matter of personal privacy or discretion; it is, fundamentally, a human right. The discourse shifts from discussions of sexuality to a powerful call to dismantle prejudice, urging an authentic existence for everyone. We are called not only to be allies but active participants in this crusade against ignorance—a march that is essentially about embracing authenticity and championing the true self in every individual.
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