Daniela Marzavan

Daniela Marzavan is a “pracademic”. Her play-grounds are innovation and new organizations guided by her own frameworks and design thinking. She bridges the gap between theory and practice by integrating practical experience with academic teaching and publishing. How does she do all of that? With MERAKI!

“Meraki is putting a little bit of yourself in everything you do.”

Daniela shares the personal story of her grandfather. She details how he thrice reclaimed everything he lost, each time with ‘Meraki’—a concept she eloquently unpacked for us. Daniela teaches us the origin and etymology of ‘Meraki,’ illustrating through her vivid storytelling a concrete example of what it means to “put joy, passion, and a bit of ourselves into everything we do.” While we might recall Fernando Pessoa or refer to it as “Brio,” we learn from her that this attitude is universal, serving as a profound source of inspiration and a transformative force in our lives.
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