Catarina Mendanha

Catarina is a true dreamer! At age 15, she started to engage in various types of volunteer work, and this passion continued into her adult life. In 2017, she began to take an interest in topics related to personal development, coaching, and NLP. She is undoubtedly an inspiration for anyone aiming to bring any dream to life.

“My dreams are bigger than my fears.”

Catarina’s heartfelt testimony, both spoken and sung, resonates deeply, stirring emotions and drawing tears through her vivid recounting of life’s trials and triumphs. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of a profound truth: “No fear is greater than the dream.” This echoes the words of Sartre, urging us all to recognize that we are not defined by our circumstances but by our actions in response to them. Catarina’s call to action is clear—she invites everyone to tap into their innate capacity to dream. She highlights the critical importance of dreams for shaping our futures, no matter how daunting they may seem. Embracing the power of dreams is not just an act of hope but a necessary strategy for navigating and illuminating our paths forward.
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