Bernardo Caldas

Expressive and passionate, Bernardo Caldas is an eternal curious mind, a lover of quantitative arts with a special talent for translating the complex into understandable terms. He currently leads the data and artificial intelligence teams at one of the largest European Fintech companies, after having done so in several national and international firms. He has also founded a startup and the association Data Science for Social Good Portugal.

“Everyone thinks we’re centaurs, but we need to be cyborgs.”

His latest talk challenges us to perceive technology not as a threat to our capabilities but as a natural extension that enhances them. Inspired by this perspective, it becomes clear that embracing technology as a complementary force is not just advantageous but necessary. This mindset is a frontier competence, crucial for individuals preparing to navigate and succeed in a future intertwined with technological advancement. Recognizing technology as a partner rather than a replacement allows us to leverage it creatively and confidently, securing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
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