Data & AI

Bernardo Caldas

Expressive and passionate, Bernardo Caldas is an eternal curious mind, a lover of quantitative arts with a special talent for translating the complex into understandable terms. He currently leads the data and artificial intelligence teams at one of the largest European Fintech companies, after having done so in several national and international firms. He has also founded a startup and the association Data Science for Social Good Portugal.
AI is here

“No one has the authority to determine what the future with AI will be, only you.”

Artificial intelligence has entered our lives with astonishing capabilities. Will it be the end of our jobs, our livelihoods, our human species? Or will it be the beginning of a revolution for the better, like so many that came before? Instead of providing an answer, which no one has the authority to give, Bernardo poses a question: What would we do in our lives, our businesses, our society if we had infinite time, capability, and resources? This is the abundance that artificial intelligence, when used wisely, can bring us. The choice is ours.
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