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If you are a professional or a leader facing the challenge of preparing for your future, we dare you to discover some of the frontier competencies and careers.

Our speakers offer inspiring stories and valuable insights to provoke collective reflection at the board level. They have the power to  inspire and align leaders and teams. Whether at corporate events or team-buildings they make all the difference.

“No one has the authority to determine what the future with AI will be, only you.”
“Companies should address social problems through business.”
“Luxury can be diverse, and it can be Portuguese.”
“Improvisation unleashes the potential of creativity and collaboration.”
“There’s no better place to design the future than within each one of us.”
“We need to accelerate to regenerate our business models”
“Without mental health, the future won’t have companies.”
“We have to learn to look at differences differently.”
“Inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s good for business.”
“We need to learn to identify the business assets to protect.”
“Only an integrated approach can build cities of the future”
“Liberate your talent and your team, through responsibility and trust.”
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