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Epic Talent Cards

Discover your unique strengths with the Epic Talent Cards. This deck guides you on a journey of self-awareness, helping you answer, “Do you know what your talents are?” Each card is thoughtfully categorized into red, blue, yellow, and purple groups, corresponding to different personality archetypes for a nuanced exploration.

Epic Driver

Define your personal brand with the Epic Driver Cards. Designed to help you answer, “How do you see yourself in the future?” these cards align with your core values and driving forces. Let each card guide you towards becoming the person you aspire to be.

Epic Who Am I Cards

Foster community and self-awareness with the Epic Who Am I Cards. These cards facilitate quick personal attribute exploration, making self-introductions seamless and encouraging dynamic exchanges among participants.

Epic Sharing Cards

Promote inclusiveness and effective communication with the Epic Sharing Cards. These cards establish simple, effective rules for colleague exchanges, ensuring everyone feels heard and creating a safe learning environment for all.


Start your day with a touch of inspiration from the Epic Talent Society. Our exclusive company mug is designed for those who follow us and share our vision of excellence and creativity.