Liberate Your Talent,
Discover Infinite Paths!

Career Discovery

Career Discovery was designed to guide individuals in uncovering their ideal career paths and creating a tailored roadmap for exploration, learning and fulfillment.

In the process, you can uncover your passions, explore your talents, align with your values, and embark on a fulfilling career journey.

A Critical Skill for
the Future

Career Discovery is traditionally an individual, one-to-one process. We believe that it’s better when done within a group, as it is more effective, impactful and faster.

Think of MBA students! They benefit from the “normalization” (it is normal to want career change), “validation” (as peers easily recognize their talents) and promotion (we all know that you colleagues are better than head hunters and career services).

The Process
Ignition Session

Learn about the career discovery process, its benefits, deliverables and prework.

Self Discovery

Uncover your talents and passions through self-exploration and group reflection.

Future Discovery

Discover the careers that ignite your passion and align with your aspirations.

Go To Market

Work on yourself and your personal branding to approach your job market.



Self-Awareness & Clarity

Gain a deep understanding of your unique talents, passions, and aspirations.


Personalized Facilitation

Benefit from personalized guidance and expert coaching throughout the process.


Community & Network

Surround yourself with a vibrant community of fellow explorers who share your ambitions.


Better Access & Opportunities

We can promote you to our client base, continuously share career insights, and unlock new prospects through our meaningful connections.

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Liberate Your Talent,
Discover Infinite Paths!
AI Driven Approach

In the dynamic landscape of job crafting, where opportunities abound and choices can be overwhelming, harnessing the power of AI has become an essential tool in guiding individuals towards their true vocational potential.


At the heart of our innovative workshop lies the fusion of AI and personal interaction, designed to empower participants with unparalleled insights into their professional journey. In a world where AI has permeated every facet of our lives, harnessing its capabilities to enhance the journey of job crafting is a logical progression.

Powered by Frameworks and TDS*
Talent Discovery System

Frameworks have the power to change the ecosystem. Think of the impact the business model canvas had on an entire generation of entrepreneurs who now use it to think differently. We use proprietary frameworks to guide you through the key questions you need to embrace to design your future job.

Because fulfillment comes from using your talents in your future tasks and enjoying learning new skills that are based on your talents, we use a proprietary talent discovery system (TDS*) to help you connect it all.

Focused on Frontier Roles

This program is a transformative learning journey where we provide market insights and powerful tools for the future. It’s an enduring experience that transcends the notion of a singular career path.

During this program, you will embark on a profound exploration, gaining invaluable insights and diverse perspectives on the multitude of career paths available. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Focused on Your Future Role

Jobs and Roles are not the same thing. You might be a mason or a sculptor. Both have the skills to carve stone, but the passion, talent and way they see their work is different. In order for people to feel fulfilled, they need to think about the role they hold within their company or society.

We help people reflect on and design the role they want to hold and how to present that role for others to understand.