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From Reaction To Anticipation: Navigating the Future with Foresight
From Reaction To Anticipation: Navigating the Future with Foresight
By Epic Talent Society
June 21, 2024
At The Epic Talent Society, we’ve always been keen on staying ahead of the curve, and Joel A. Barker’s book “Paradigms – The Business of Discovering the Future” has reaffirmed our belief in the power of anticipation. Even back in the 1980s, Barker emphasized that while excellence was the entry point for any business and innovation was the secret to standing out, true leadership required anticipation.
From Reaction To Anticipation is one of the 9 paradigms that have changed in the World of Talent and Human Management.


Anticipation: One of the Most Crucial Skills for Effective Management

Fast forward to 2023, and we find ourselves living out this prophecy. It’s a familiar pattern – we see our present reflected in someone else’s past. In this case, it’s the wisdom of Peter Drucker. In “Managing in Turbulent Times,” Drucker astutely observed that one of the most crucial skills for effective management during periods of high turbulence is anticipation.

Many successful managers excel at reactive problem-solving – they tackle issues as they arise. However, Drucker suggests that true leaders need to enhance their skills in anticipation and problem “avoidance” or, better yet, opportunity identification.

As Drucker famously stated, “Manage within a paradigm, but lead between paradigms.”


We need leaders who can anticipate and shape the future

In our view, what we need now isn’t just more managers but visionary leaders who can anticipate and shape the future. Creativity, we’ve learned, is not just a tool for reacting when surprised by competitors; it’s also the dynamite we use to proactively explode ahead of them.

The paradigm has shifted. Today, it’s the companies with the foresight to anticipate that lead the world. Do you have any doubts about that?

Anticipation: The Ability to Predict, Perceive in Advance

Can you anticipate the future? Can your vision bend around corners?

At The Epic Talent Society, we’re committed to helping you not just react to change but anticipate and thrive in it.

Join us as we navigate the future with foresight.


That’s the same way I feel when I look into the future. I’ve always felt comfortable there. But sometimes living in the future can get you into trouble. Most people are afraid of the future. Joel Barker


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