4 Sustainability Gurus to Follow Closely
4 Sustainability Gurus to Follow Closely
By Luis Rochartre
June 9, 2024
We all know that sustainability is the greatest contemporary challenge facing humanity. In reality, it’s not about saving the planet, because it will surely be here if we continue to act as we have been.
At The Epic Talent Society, we embrace our responsibility to point towards future paths and careers, and there’s certainly no doubt that sustainability is a career of the future. In our Future Career Newsletter edition – A Guidebook for a Career in Sustainability, crafted in collaboration with our Sustainability Practice Advisor, Luís Rocharte, we present 4 Leaders to follow as inspiration for a Sustainable Future.

Whether you work in sustainability, aspire to, or simply want to learn more about a sustainable future, here are the 4 Sustainability Gurus you need to keep a close eye on:

John Elkington

Known for the term “triple bottom line” – the idea that companies should pay attention not only to financial profit but also to the social and environmental impacts of their activities – Elkington is a champion of sustainable development. He has authored several books on sustainability, corporate responsibility, and sustainable business, notably “Cannibals with Forks.” He is considered one of the leading authorities in the field and has been an influential advocate for a more holistic and ethical approach to business.


Paul Hawken

Hawken is known for his activism in the sustainability field and his work in promoting practical solutions to environmental challenges. He has founded several sustainability-related businesses throughout his career and authored several influential books on sustainability and the environment – his most notable being “The Ecology of Commerce.” He advocates for the power of local and individual solutions in building a sustainable future and inspires many to take action for the environment.


Andrew Winston

Focused on sustainability and business strategies for a changing world, Andrew Winston is known for his work in helping companies integrate sustainable practices into their operations and driving innovation and competitive advantage through sustainability. He is widely recognized as one of the leading experts in corporate sustainability and has been an influential voice in promoting environmental and social responsibility in business. He is also a recognized author for books like “Green to Gold.”


Paul Polman

Dutch entrepreneur known for his work as CEO of Unilever, Polman has adopted an ambitious and progressive approach to integrating sustainable practices throughout the company’s value chain. He has served on various international organizations, including the UN Sustainable Development Business Council, and is Chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work, standing out as a prominent figure in the pursuit of a more responsible and sustainable business model.

We rely on Luís Rocharte to guide the talents of our community, support us in our sustainability recruitment efforts, and to raise awareness among business leaders about the need to accelerate the regeneration of our economy and society.

At The Epic Talent Society, we hope to inspire more people to follow the path and join the cause.

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