Spring's Leader Retreat at Casa da Volta
Spring's Leader Retreat at Casa da Volta
By The Epic Talent Society
February 9, 2023
Looking for a unique and inspiring location for your next leadership retreat? Look no further than Casa da Volta.
We really loved our yearly “Epic Retreat”, to prepare our strategy for 2023, at Casa da Volta.

Named “Casa da Volta”, this fabulous home, was designed by Promontório Architects and João Cravo. It was inspired by the tradition of the Portuguese alcáçova – which is a Moorish fortification derived from Arab etymology – “qasbah” – which functioned as a defensive citadel or compound and was built within and protected by a high-walled perimeter.

It was intentionally designed as an introverted structure, that draws attention through its minimalism and a gravelled inner courtyard onto which all rooms in the house open. In the center lays a tree of love, around which the entire house was crafted.

This architectural marvel has been referred to in Conde Nast Traveller, World Architecture, and other prestigious design sites, but Dwell magazine said it best:

“This is a house that is part of a new movement. A movement of stays and experiences in Portugal that go against the grain, that chooses isolation over ‘hot spot’ location, resulting in a serious destination. At Casa da Volta, as the name of the house suggests, you will not be able to wait to return.”

‘Da Volta’ means to return, that is what we want to do with you. So we’re preparing a Leadership Retreat for spring 2023. If you’re interested in getting away from the havoc of leading and eager to learn from fellow CEO’s, send us an e-mail (there are only 6 tickets for this intimate retreat).

For more, check out the website: https://casa-volta.com/overview/
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