Pocket: The App that Reads Your Articles
Pocket: The App that Reads Your Articles
By The Epic Talent Society
February 9, 2023
Have you ever saved an article to read later and then struggled to find it when you finally have the time? Say hello to Pocket!
Have you ever felt that you’ve saved an article to read later and then go crazy remembering where it is, especially because you always seem to be far from your laptop when you finally have those 10 minutes to kill and squint your eyes trying to read? Well, we have, until we discovered pocket.

Ever since we first learned of the Pocket App, we’ve gone crazy using it.

“Pocket is not a bookmarking service. Its creators view it as a reading list where you keep track of the many online posts you want to read. Once you finish an article, you can archive or delete it. It’s well-known and widely used, so you can trust that the Pocket app is safe. It’s available for iOS, Android, Mac, and more, and it also has a web interface that you can use in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.”
In: Make Us Of - The Pros and Cons of Pocket: Save for Later vs. Bookmarks.
Pocket has a great interface and a variety of features. But for us, it’s great because it can read the article for you, so you can listen to the articles as you’re in a waiting room or on the treadmill. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
For us the killer feature is reading the article for you!
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