Lillet Spritz: Your Spring Cocktail
Lillet Spritz: Your Spring Cocktail
By The Epic Talent Society
February 9, 2023
This spring enjoy your Lillet Spritz cocktail, just like at the Hotel Stark Arcachon, Bordeaux.
What you need:
– 5 Ml. of Lillet Rosé

– 1 Can of Schweppes Citrus

– 1/2 lime

– Peppermint leaves

– Ice
How you make it:
1 – Insert the ice in the glass

2 – Pour 5 Ml. Of Lillet Rosé

3 – Squash the joule out of half a lime into your glass

4 – Insert the peppermint leaves into the glass

5 – Pour Schweppes Citrus into your cocktail
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